May 12, 2016

Golf Hitting Screens

High Definition Screen (Left) compared with Standard Screen (Right)



Standard Definition

Standard screens come with a 1 year warranty and are fabricated from a high-brightness, heavy duty mesh fabric.



High Definition Screen

High Definition screens come with 6 month warranty, are fabricated from a tightly woven non-mesh fabric and produce the brightest picture with the best contrast.


Will the projected image fill the screen?

Projected images from the projectors will rarely completely fill the screen. This is because projectors are limited by their native resolution. When determining the size of your screen keep in mind that projectors typically produce images in either 4.3 aspect ratio or 16.9 aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is a means of expressing the ratio of width to height of the image in terms of pixels. A typical 4.3 image will have a resolution of 1024 wide x 768 high where as a typical HD projector will have a 16.9 aspect ratio with a 1920 wide by 1080 high image. Each aspect ratio will appear differently on the screen.

What is the best resolution/aspect ratio for your screen?  This can best be determined or demonstrated by reviewing the diagram below. Although many prefer and want HD projectors, you will see that with narrower hitting bays the 4.3 aspect ratio will fill out the screen more completely than the 16.9 aspect ratio. In terms of overall screen coverage the 16.9 aspect ratio works best with screens more than 12 wide, and the 4.3 aspect ratio with screens 12 wide and narrower. At All Sport Systems, we carry a 4.3 native resolution projector as well as 16.9 HD projectors.  Choose the projector with the best fit for your size screen. Although all of our projectors have the ability to produce both 4.3 and 16.9 aspect ratios keep in mind that using a projectors native resolution will always produce the brightest and best quality image. For best image quality, order a projector with a native resolution that best fills your screen.

Why can’t I just make the screen shorter?  Although from an appearance perspective you may be tempted to order your screen shorter, it is not practical to build hitting bays less than 8 feet tall due to the increased danger of hitting balls over the enclosure. Where spacing permits, All Sport Systems recommends having hitting bays and screens at least 9 feet tall, and no less than 8 feet tall in low ceiling situations.

standard Screen Layout