May 12, 2016

Hitting Bays

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Golf Simulators for the Home or Office

All Sport Systems, offers a variety of golf simulators for your home or office.  Our hitting bays and golf simulators are made from high quality and heavy duty materials making them a perfect fit for the home or commercial setting.  All of our screen are designed to be hit with real golf balls.  We have a variety of sizes to fit any room.  All of our golf hitting bays can be customized to fit just about any space.   High definition photos of these systems can be viewed by clicking on the photo links below.  Click here to build your home or office golf simulator.


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Click here to view a slide show showcasing our golf simulation packages. This is a great place to start to get an overview of golf simulation packages offered by All Sport Systems.



The MicroBay™ golf simulation hitting screen and netting is designed with the smallest foot print, just 2 feet front to back.  The MicroBay™ can be placed flush against the wall and comes in two standard sizes, 10 foot wide by 8 foot tall and 12 foot wide by 9 foot tall.  The MicroBay™ comes fully dressed out with the blackout wrapper and black triangle side netting giving it a very professional look a feel.  If your space is too small even for the 10 wide MicroBay™ don’t worry, we can custom build to smaller widths.





Our SuperBay™ series comes 9 feet tall and 5 feet deep.  It is available in a variety of widths:  10 feet wide (called the MiniBay™), or 12 feet wide to 14 feet wide (called the SuperBay™).  It can also be ordered in custom sizes that are taller, shorter or wider.  Just give us a call 877-847-1280.  The 5 foot deep enclosure gives you over 4 feet of netting protection in front of the screen.  The screen hangs inside the enclosure just 8″ from the back of the unit.  This allows you to place the entire enclosure flush to your wall minimizing the amount of floor space needed.


Hanging Option

We also have a golf hitting bay that can be hung from the ceiling.  This golf simulator hanging solution eliminates the metal frame.  The screen and netting hangs from three poles attached to your ceiling.  The netting is held in place with weighted chain pockets that attach to the bottom of the netting.  This keeps your netting in place and creates a clean professional look to your golf hitting enclosure.