September 9, 2016

Hanging Golf Simulator Solutions

Hanging Golf Simulation Screen and netting

Our Hanging MiniBay™ and SuperBay™ options allow you to create a world class home golf simulator without building a full metal ‘cage’ or enclosure. Instead, our hanging golf simulator system uses custom ceiling brackets and elegant black chain pockets to give you a finished look that is sure to please! Our pure white golf simulator projector impact screens fit perfectly inside the hanging MiniBay™ or SuperBay™ netting system, and allow you to hit real golf balls into a life size video projection of a simulated golf course!
Each Hanging MiniBay™ or SuperBay™ comes with a custom ceiling bracket kit, as well as our velcro-attached chain weight pockets. The pockets affix along the bottom edge of the netting (on both sides and behind the screen), and allow you to easily embed a chain around the full perimeter of the system. This anchors both your screen and netting system so they remain stationary even as you hit real golf balls into it. You will also receive an additional baffle net to further help stop your golf shots quickly! We recommend a gap of 24 inches from your netting system to the rear wall when using the hanging system.

The hanging SuperBay™ shown here is a great alternative to the standard hitting enclosure.


Hanging Golf Simulation projection screen with netting

Hanging Golf Simulation Hitting Screen and netting

Golf Simulator Hanging Screen Ceiling brackets

Golf simulator hanging screen hitting bracket.

Golf simulator hanging screen hitting bracket.


Golf simulator hanging screen hitting bracket.

Golf simulator hanging screen hitting bracket.

How to install and hang your golf simulation screen and netting.

Below is a video showing you step by step how to install our hanging golf hitting screen with netting solution. This simple tutorial shows how easy the installation can be.

How effective is the perimeter weight chain pocket system?

Take a look at this video that demonstrates how effect the perimeter chain pocket system is in keeping your golf simulator screen and netting in place when impacted by real golf balls.