June 29, 2016

SkyRail™ and SkyRailPLUS™

If you’ve ever installed a projector then you know that the distance between the projector and the screen is critical. If you mount it too close the image will not fill the screen, too far away and it will bleed over the edges.  The SkyRail™ Sliding Ceiling mount and the SkyRailPLUS™ cage tracks mount make mounting your projector a breeze.  Scroll down this page or use the links below to learn more about these products.

SkyRailPLUS™ Cage Tracks mount
SkyRailPLUS™ Mounting Positions
SkyRail™ Sliding Ceiling mount

SkyRailPLUS™ Cage Tracks mount

There are situations, where mounting your projector on the ceiling can be impracticable such as vaulted or slanted ceilings or maybe you just don’t want to worry about running cables and power to the ceiling. That’s where the SkyRailPLUS™ cage tracks mount can help.

The SkyRailPLUS™ will mount to the front of our MiniBay or SuperBay hitting enclosures keeping it up and out of the way.  All cables and power cords are run along the cage hidden from view by the blackout wrapper.   When choosing to use the SkyRailPLUS™ cage mounted option, the depth of your enclosure will be determined by the width of your enclosure and the projector you select.  It is important to build the depth of your enclosure to match the required projector distance from the screen.  Our sales staff will work with you to determine the optimal depth and best projector for your golf simulator. Click here for pricing or to order yours now.

SkyRailPlus 2

SkyRail Plus 3

SkyRailPlus 1

SkyRailPLUS™ Mounting Positions

The SkyRailPLUS™ can be positioned so that the projector can be mounted between 0″ and 34″ from the front of the enclosure. Each position allows the projector to side front to back up to 17″.

#2 SHORTREACH 1 3/4″ 18 3/4″
#3 DEFAULT 7″ 24″
#4 LONGREACH 11 3/4″ 28 3/4″

The images below show each position and the resulting distances the projector can be mounted in front of the hitting bay enclosure.

SkyRail™ Sliding Ceiling mount

The SkyRail™ Sliding Ceiling mount eliminates the need to mount the projector at the exact distance from the screen and can also maximize your visual experience by allowing for a tall 4:3 aspect ratio or a 16:9 HD aspect ratio image!


Most projectors require a different mounting distance for 4:3 and 16:9, as shown here. For screens measuring less than 14′ wide the 16:9 HD aspect ratio is great for watching movies, but it can feel a bit short for golf simulation as demonstrated in the diagram below.

screen ratios

With the SkyRail™ you can switch to 4:3 for your golf experience, and back to 16:9 for movies, simply by sliding the projector to match your needs.  Mount the SkyRail™ at the shortest throw distance needed (the one for 16:9) as shown below.

SkyRail Projector

You will then be able to adjust your projector backward up to 17 inches for use in 4:3 mode, allowing you to get the maximum image size for golfing (a 10′ wide image measures 7’6″ tall in 4:3).  Keep in mind all measurements are based on the distance from the projector lens to the screen.

When coupled with our ZOOM-HD-1080P projector you will get the largest possible coverage of your screen in both 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios.  Projectors without a zoom feature can provide the full 16:9 image and a slightly smaller 4:3 image.  The diagram below shows how you would mount the SkyRail™ so that it allows your projector to slide within the range of the two mounting positions needed to achieve the two different aspect ratio images.  As noted this diagram is based on using the Zoom HD 1080p projector for our 10′ wide MiniBay™.  Mounting distances will vary based on your screen size and projector selection.

MiniBay 10 Wide SkyRail Ceiling Mount positions